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When Person A needed Event A to happen in Way A, they turned to our team of experts at Event Partners.
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Case study #2

When an unexpected thing seemed like it might derail Event B before it even got off the ground, Person B didn’t know where to turn. Luckily, they found Event Partners.
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Case study #3

Person C thought Event C would never happen. It was just too much of a logistical nightmare. And then there was all the security to consider. We found a way to get her across the finish line with time to spare.
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Tony N. – President & CEO, Volvo Cars, US
“Today marked the first of the “touch and feel” portions of the launch for the All-New XC90. Flawless execution has been the mantra of how we will bring this new car to market — and re-launch the Volvo brand. It took a lot of coordination — but we pulled it off! This was one of many milestones in this vehicle launch — and a big thank you from our team to yours for this one!”
Jay H.– Volvo Cars, US
“Thank you — best ever!
It’s a lofty goal — and one that takes a lot of teamwork and tenacity.
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Last night, we received a “best ever by a long way” from Volvo’s global CEO. We also received a “WOW” from our retailers. And a “you can be on my team anytime you want” from the head of PR on the VCC EMT.

More and more I heard a note of continuity…. We’ve never seen the attention to detail that we saw this week. We “preached it” from the stage. There wasn’t one thing that wasn’t thought through.

Last night, a text from Lex came across. “Jay. Best ever ! Lex”. … let me tell you — he doesn’t do that! And from Bodil. “Jay, just want to drop a text and say congratulations! You said we would deliver the best VRC ever and we sure did! You’ve done an outstanding job. I’m so proud and so happy (thumbs up)”.

We picked a tough venue. We picked something no one has ever done before. We said we could do it. But we couldn’t do it without a lot of help.

There is no way we could have done this without EVERYONE. THANK YOU!


Wouldn’t have happened without you. Wouldn’t have happened without everyone!”
Scott C. – National Sales Manager - National Gypsum
“Thank you very much for organizing a terrific event. I have heard from numerous people and collectively their feedback has been extremely positive. Everything went incredibly smooth; from the arrival/”rock star” treatment at customs to activities, communication/agenda and then departure. I can’t think (and you know I tried) of anything I wish had been done differently.”
Paul K. – National Sales Manager - National Gypsum
“I was reflecting over the past few weeks and thought of you and all the fun you created for us to enjoy and, again, just wanted to say thank you! The Pinnacle trip and the National Sales meeting were sensational, and I know a lot of it was because of all your hard work to make it happen.”
Jay W. – Director of Marketing – National Gypsum
"I wanted to acknowledge all the fine work EP did to ensure that our National Sales Meeting was a success. I appreciate the extra effort EP provided the Marketing Team in the production of “The Marketing Show."
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I believe we did well in imparting a few Marketing nuggets to Field Sales while entertaining them as well. Your support was essential to the success of the show, and I wanted you to know we are all grateful for your assistance. Especially the little extra things we asked of you that were probably a pain, yet you were accommodating and handled it with style and grace! Thank you for all you do."
Stewart  G. – Burndy
“I wanted to reach out and thank you all for managing through the logistics with our colleagues from Mexico.

Both Miguel and Juan Carlos were most pleased with the ‘red carpet’ treatment and truly overwhelmed, in a good way, with the A-D meeting. They quickly saw the value and opportunities in our new partnership thanks to you all.”
Michael R. – Sales Director, National Accounts – MARS Drinks North America / Flavia
“First of all, a very sincere thank you for all your work to make last week as exceptional as it was. The location, events and little details achieved the objective of making this a memorable event. And you were even up to meet the car at 3:45am on Thursday morning! I'm sure as you work with us more you'll get comfortable enough to tell me how big of pain we were with last minute requests and changes.”
Meredith C. – VP, Sales and Marketing – Office Practicum
“I feel like you were actually the people behind us helping and supporting the whole way — it [our Virtual Event] was all so phenomenally set up. We received feedback that even when events return to in-person, we want some form of hybrid experience available going forward.”
Carrie S. – Director of Marketing – Office Practicum
“Our relationship with Event Partners Inc. is a true partnership. They are trusted, vital members of the OP team who exceeded our expectations.”
Caroline E.– Vice President, eCommerce Solutions – Affiliated Distributors
“Thank you for seamlessly organizing the AD eCommerce Summit. This Summit would not have been possible, nor such a success, without the professionalism of your team at EP. The positive feedback from attendees continue to pour in and the initial survey results (100 are in!) are extremely positive. It was and is a true pleasure to work with you. Thank you!”
Jack T. – President – Industrial Supply Division – Affiliated Distributors
“Once again, EP performed phenomenally in support of ISD's spring meeting.

In fact, I don't think you guys have ever done more in support of our meetings.

Your expertise and assertiveness transformed a very challenging situation into what many of our members are calling the best "Spring Network Meeting ever."

Your professionalism, calmness under pressure, combined with flawless execution, was nothing short of admirable. Thanks again!”
Sean K. – VP of Member Relations – US Electrical Division – Affiliated Distributors
“I am in awe of what you and your team do to make our meetings “go” — across all divisions. You do terrific work to make it better every time. Your patience and focus are INSPIRING! I learn from you and the team by how you react in high pressure situations.
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THAT you conduct your duties so well is a credit to what you’ve built as core to your organization. HOW you and the team conduct your duties is a credit to all of you individually. Many can do the job. You’ve clearly surrounded yourselves with great PEOPLE who care for one another, who trust one another. To me, that’s the game changer.

Rest up! You have two great events coming up with Amarok and PHCP. There is no doubt you and the team will continue to shine, professionally and personally.”

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